Serious Athletes Deserve Serious Mouthguards, Get Your Custom-Fit Mouthguard from Dublin Dental Care

Whether it’s for you, or the athlete in your family, don’t trust their smile and safety to some ill-fitting, over-the-counter mouthguard. For the perfect fit, unrivaled comfort and the ultimate protection against impact and injury ask about a custom-fitted mouthguard from Dublin Dental Care.

So, What are the Advantages of a Custom-Fit Sports Mouthguards?

Custom-Fitted Mouthguards Provide the Perfect Fit

Dublin Dental Care’s custom-fitted mouthguards are made using an exact impression of your teeth using special dental putty, or in some cases digital imaging. This provides a much more precise fit than over-the-counter guards that typically use the “boil and bite” system. This is where you boil the guard, bite into the material while it’s soft and allow it to dry. This method often leads to an uneven, ill-fitting mouthguard.

Want to Outperform the Competition?

Custom-Fit Mouthguards Provide Greater Comfort, and Make it Easier to Breathe and Speak

A poorly fitted over-the-counter mouthguard often ends up with thick, bulky edges that fill up the area between your cheeks and gums with excess material. This can make breathing difficult and being understood when you speak nearly impossible. Also, if your over-the-counter guard doesn’t fit properly it may move around in your mouth, which is annoying and uncomfortable.
Your custom-fitted mouthguard, on the other hand, fits snug against your teeth and is smooth and even all the way around making it effortless to breathe, speak and be heard and understood clearly (a major advantage over your competitors).  

Custom-fit Mouthguards Offer Superior Protection

Once the impressions have been taken, your new custom fit mouthguard is created in a lab using high-strength thermoplastic. This material allows us to create a very sleek and thin guard that is incredibly strong, impact-resistant and durable. And, unlike over-the-counter guards that are made from pliable plastic, custom-fit mouth guards are wear-resistant and do not lose their shape. With a little care, your custom guard should last for years.

It’s easy to see why professional athletes choose custom-fit mouthguards due to their superior fit, comfort, durability and safety. Schedule an appointment to get your custom mouth guard, today!

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