Emergency Dentist in Dublin

When accidents happen, we’re here to help

In an urgent dental emergency, Dublin Dental Care provides preferential care for patients. If you experience an emergency dental situation during our regular business hours, you are encouraged to call our office immediately. Our staff will attempt to schedule you for a same day emergency exam, ensuring that you see one of our dentists as quickly as possible. We offer this service to both patients of Dublin Dental Care and non-patients.


Existing Patients Only

Offered exclusively to current patients of Dublin Dental Care, we provide an after-hours phone number to contact one of our dental team members. Please allow at least 8 hours of response time if you call this number at night or on weekends and we will try to get you in as soon as possible.

Emergency Dentistry Services

Experiencing sharp pain in your mouth is debilitating and can make it extremely difficult to talk, eat, sleep, and more. Whether this has been a lingering problem that has recently flared up or caused by trauma like an accident, Dublin Dental Care can help relieve your pain.



Save a dislodged, chipped or damaged tooth


Filling or Crown Repair or Replacement


Sharp Tooth, Gum, or Jaw pain relief


Infected Teeth, Gum Abcess, and more

Dental Emergencies vs Emergency Room

Dublin Dental Care is here to treat any of your dental emergencies, but please be conscience of all your injuries when an accident happens. Your damaged teeth do not come before visiting an emergency room if you have sustained further, more damaging injuries. We’re not ER doctors or physicians. We are dentists equipped to save teeth, help with oral injuries, and we can only manage your pain to a certain extent.

Dental Emergency vs Non-Emergency

If you’re experiencing a dental or oral related problem but DO NOT HAVE PAIN, that would not be considered an emergency situation and a regular appointment should be scheduled.

Pain associated with a dental issue, like a chipped tooth, often means there’s a deeper underlying problem where a patient could lose the tooth. If there is no pain, it is unlikely that the tooth will be lost and the chipped tooth would need a cosmetic fix.

We understand you may want to get your dental problem resolved right away, but we only have a limited number of times available for dental emergencies. We want to ensure we reserve that time for those with severe cases who need our services immediately.

If you’re ever in question whether you have a dental emergency, feel free to give us a call and our staff will help guide you in the right direction.

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