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Dental Implants Provide our Dentist a Permanent Solution to Repair Missing Teeth

At Dublin Dental Care, we can restore missing teeth and your smile with dental implants. Different from loose dentures or cumbersome bridges, implants utilize a titanium “root” to securely bond into the jawbone, providing a sturdy foundation for exceptionally functional and esthetic artificial teeth. Our team works closely with the best oral surgeons in the area to deliver high-quality treatment for each individual patient.

Dental Implants: More Than Just a Cosmetic Improvement

A missing tooth, or several missing teeth, can have a number of impacts on a patient’s dental and overall health, including:

Reduced Ability to Eat and Swallow Properly


Shifting or Sagging Facial Structure


Embarrassment Due to Significant Gaps While Smiling


Poor Quality of Speech


Increased Risk of Periodontal Disease

What the Dental Implant Process Looks Like

Dental implants can offer an excellent, functional and natural looking solution for missing teeth. Our patients are referred to an implant surgeon for the proper placement of the implant. Each implant patient is generally given three to six months to fully heal from this procedure and allow the implants to become secure to the jawbone.  Our implant patients are given an appropriate, esthetic temporary prosthesis (cap, crown, or denture) to cover the implant during this healing phase.

Once implants are ready to be restored, our dentists at Dublin Dental Care will start the process of making and placing the finished dental solution. Made from a detailed three-dimensional impression of existing teeth and spaces, the replacement appliance or prosthetic provides a better functional bite and a natural looking smile.


Implant Supported Crowns

Implant supported crowns allow a patient to achieve a natural looking smile through the use of porcelain crowns, or caps, that closely match surrounding teeth colors.

Implant Supported Bridges

Implant supported bridges are an extremely durable solution for patients who are missing just a few teeth. Implant supported bridges consist of dental implants and crowns as a single unit.

Implant Supported Removable Dentures

Implant supported removable dentures solve the most common inconveniences associated with traditional dentures. Designed to snap securely in place, this type of denture is usually superior to regular, non-implant supported dentures because it is not as dependent on the gums and jaw for stability and retention.

Implant Supported Fixed Dentures

Implant supported fixed dentures restore smiles with a prosthetic solution that requires less maintenance and material than traditional dentures. Fastened securely into place, these dentures can be conveniently removed and thoroughly cleaned by your dentist during your regular cleanings and exams.

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