Same-Day Crowns from Dublin Dental Care are Transforming the Way Central-Ohio Residents are Perfecting Their Smiles

Dental Crowns provide the perfect, long-lasting solution to strengthen cracked, chipped or damaged teeth. Crowns can be used for any tooth shape from front incisors to molars. Crowns can even be used to improve the look of worn, misshapen or crooked teeth. Think of your new crown as a cover or “cap” that improves the look of your problem tooth.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for a crown?

Our dentists may recommend a crown for a number of different dental issues including: Repairing fillings where there is insufficient tooth material remaining, restoring a fractured tooth, preventing a weakened tooth from further cracking or covering a discolored or misshapen tooth. Dr. Pagniano may also use a crown to support certain dental bridges and partial dentures. And, in other case, our dentists may recommend you go with an implant-supported crown.


What is involved in the process of getting my new dental crown?

During your crown consultation, your dentist will take extensive X-rays and intra-oral imagery. They’ll then make a digital model of your tooth using state-of-the art digital mapping technology. Finally, a beautiful, color-matched crown will be crafted in our revolutionary CEREC machine. In most cases, we will be able to get you in and out with your new crown in one appointment.

While your crown is being milled in the CEREC machine, your doctor will prepare your tooth for the fixing of the crown by removing any decayed or damaged tooth material. Finally, your new crown is glued in place using an extremely strong and specially designed dental cement. It’s that easy!

 Watch Dr. Pagniano explain our revolutionary same-day crown process in this throwback #HygieneWednesday

What is my crown made out of?

At Dublin Dental Care, we mainly use porcelain crowns. Porcelain crowns are extremely strong and provide the high compression strength required to hold up to the pressure of a bite. Porcelain also gives our dentists the flexibility to perfectly match your tooth color.

Even though they are incredibly strong, your new crown is not indestructible. And, just like your regular teeth, the crown will be susceptible to cracking, chipping or grinding. Which is why your dentist may recommend a custom night guard.

How do I care for my crown and how long will it last?

There is no special maintenance to care for your new crown. Simply follow good brushing and flossing habits as you normal would. It is also recommended that you avoid chewing extremely hard or sticky foods. Even though your crown is cemented in with extremely strong material, in rare cases they sometimes become loose or fall out. If this happens, it is a simple procedure to have one of our dentists receament the crown.

Why should I choose Dublin Dental Care for my crown?

Dublin Dental Care is one of the only offices in the Columbus area that has invested in the CEREC technology necessary to provide same-day crowns. While there still may be cases where we may have to send your crown out to be made in the lab, we can generally get you in and out with your new crown in one visit – saving you time and missed work! Furthermore, our doctors are highly training in the creation and placement of crowns, bridges and dentures and other restorative devices. So, when you trust your smile to Dublin Dental Care, you know that we are doing everything we can to restore your confident smile. Schedule your consultation today! 

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